Yachts for Sale


Yachts for Sale


Below is a selection of our current yachts for sale. Select a vessel to explore it in greater detail or contact our team to share your interest or ask us a question.

2023 Wally 58 Wallypower
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Year 2023
Cabins 2
Builder Wally
Length 58 ft / 17.68 M
2023 Wally 48 WALLYTENDER X
Roma, IT-RM
Year 2023
Cabins N/A
Builder Wally
Length 48.92 ft / 14.91 M
2021 Wally Wallytender X
Miami, FL
Year 2021
Cabins 1
Builder Wally
Length 48 ft / 14.63 M

About wally


While the term superyacht is often associated with luxury power-driven vessels, a number of sailing yacht manufacturers are an equally important part of that fleet. Many of the innovative features that have become standard on today’s luxury sailing vessels can be attributed to one source, Wally.

Created in 1994 by entrepreneur and sailor Luca Bassani, Monaco-based Wally Yachts has been a driving force in the creation or adoption of many innovative features and modern designs commonly found on today’s luxury sailing yachts.  Wally was the first to offer advancements such as full carbon fiber masts, carbon fiber sails, and hydraulic lifting keels. The shipbuilder was also the first to offer the self-tacking jib and push-button sail furling or trim.

With the advent of Wally’s simplified and automated sailing systems, it became possible to single-handedly sail the largest yachts on the water.

Although Wally Yachts began with a primary focus on sailing vessels, the company has used its extensive knowledge in maritime engineering and architecture to change course and enter the realm of power-driven vessels.

The Wally Yachts fleet has grown to include sailing yachts as large as 150 feet in length, but also features power-driven vessels such as the 43-foot Wallytender walkaround, the futuristic 88-foot Wallywhy 200, and the 148-foot Wallyace 500 intended for ocean-going adventures.

Wally Yachts has created some of the world’s most recognizable vessels, all instantly identifiable for their fearless design and contemporary style. Whether one of the company’s sailing or a power-driven super yachts, there is no mistaking any creation bearing the innovative, award-winning brand as anything but a Wally.

Wally Yachts – Driving the future of yacht design by fearlessly challenging the status quo.


With its heritage in the sailing industry, Wally is owned as an independent part of Ferretti Group, building mostly high end day yachts, but also a line of motor yachts. Their day yachts are positioned between Pardo and Vanquish in the market. Their day boats are 43,48, 58.  Their Contemporary Motoryacht line includes the Y100,150, 200 ft yachts.

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