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2022 Benetti B.Yond 37M
Year 2022
Cabins 5
Builder Benetti
Length 121.06 ft / 36.9 M
2021 Benetti 116 MED
Abbentures III
Year 2021
Cabins 5
Builder Benetti
Length 116 ft / 35.36 M
2011 Benetti Classic
Year 2011
Cabins N/A
Builder Benetti
Length 121 ft / 36.88 M
2009 Benetti Benetti 145
Year 2009
Cabins 5
Builder Benetti
Length 44.17 ft / 13.46 M
2008 Benetti Classic 121
Arthur's Way
Year 2008
Cabins 5
Builder Benetti
Length 121 ft / 36.88 M
2008 Benetti 120 Classic
Year 2008
Cabins 9
Builder Benetti
Length 120 ft / 36.58 M

About benetti


While Benetti built their first commercial motor yachts in the 1960s, the company has a rich history in the maritime industry that dates back 150 years. Founded by Lorenzo Benetti in Livorno, Italy, in 1873, the shipbuilder focused on the constructing of navy ships and commercial sailing vessels until the 1950s. 

When Benetti’s great-grandson and namesake took the company’s helm in the 1960s, the shipyard changed course to focus on leisure yachting and quickly became world-renowned for their steel-hulled luxury Yachts. Celebrating 150 years in business, Benetti Yachts’ partnership with Azimut has made the company one of the most widely respected and sought-after names in luxury yachting. 

Benetti yachts are known for their timeless Italian style and elegance, as well as their cutting-edge technology and engineering.

The company does not build simple hulls, they create highly engineered naval platforms that allow their buyers to design a vessel that is perfectly matched to their own unique style and comfort specifications.  

As yachting clientele develop the desire to live a more sustainable life, the shipbuilder also began offering builds with Benetti’s E-Mode Hybrid System, combining traditional and electric propulsion to create cruising options that dramatically decrease fuel consumption and emissions while increasing comfort. 

With a long history of yacht building excellence, Benetti has combined tradition, style, and modern technology with constant innovation to offer clients standard models or fully custom designs that exceed every expectation. 

Benetti – 150 years of experience building yachts of timeless beauty and modern innovation.

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Benetti is the flagship line of the world’s largest yacht builder, Azimut-Benetti Group, a family owned company. Benetti makes yachts from 35-100 Meters in Fiberglass and Metal.  They manufacture a Series of boats, Platform Boats, as well as Custom yachts, and are Ranked #1 in Global Order Book.  Built 3 Giga yachts above 100M in Italy.

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