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Although Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche was founded in just 2010, more than 25  years of experience building commercial and private vessels provided co-founder and CEO, Ennio Cecchini, with the experience and insight to see the demand for smaller, long-range capable explorer yachts. 

While many luxury yacht builders focus on a balance of style, comfort, and performance, Cantieri delle Marche (CdM) adds in reliability, redundancy, and range. CdM creates vessels made to travel far, stay offshore, and still provide passengers with world-class elegance and comfort.

Simply put, Cantieri delle Marche’s lines of explorer yachts are built with a focus on cruising the world as opposed to cruising local waterways or partying at the dock. 

Built in Ancona, Italy, each class of CdM yacht, which include the Darwin, Flexplorer, and RJ, is designed by starting with a love for the sea. Each CdM is also capable of comfortably handling weather conditions that might keep other vessels in port.

Explorer-style yachts have grown in popularity, although CdM has established a strength and leadership in Explorer Yacht design and quality. With reliability and redundancy as foundational ideals, most features are carefully created to enhance each vessel’s long-range capabilities. 

Cantieri delle Marche hulls are designed with characteristics to take on any environment. A-frame cranes eliminate list while launching and loading a tender, and completely disappear into the deck when not in use. The ultimate vessels for long-range cruising, CdM explorer vessels are designed for those who explore the sea. 

Cantieri delle Marche – Go anywhere, through anything.

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We consider Canter Delle Marche (CDM) a very interesting boutique builder, specifically associated with the word “Explore.”  Builders of 24-50 Meter Long Range Exploring yachts, their niche is yachters that want to cruise long distances.  A relative newcomer, founded in 2011 and privately owned, CDM is seeing strong demand for good reason.  They’re strong in their segment, and offer custom builds as well as spec built boats.

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