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2023 Admiral 55 S-Force
Silver Star
Year 2023
Cabins 6
Builder Admiral
Length 181.1 ft / 55.2 M
2008 Admiral 85
Year 2008
Cabins 4
Builder Admiral
Length 85 ft / 25.91 M
2007 Admiral 34m
Year 2007
Cabins 4
Builder Admiral
Length 110.89 ft / 33.8 M
1992 Admiral 28
Baby Boss
Year 1992
Cabins 5
Builder Admiral
Length 90.26 ft / 27.51 M
1981 Admiral 36
Year 1981
Cabins 5
Builder Admiral
Length 118.11 ft / 36 M

About admiral


For 60+ years, Admiral Yachts has created many of the world’s most beautiful yachts in the yacht, superyacht, & mega-yacht categories. The flagship brand of the Italian Sea Group, Admiral is renowned for its aluminum and steel has been responsible for some of the evolutionary steps that have driven the Italian luxury yacht industry to become the maritime center for luxury and style that it is today. 

Before fiberglass and metal hulls were common for larger private yachts, the iconic yacht brand began building 30-meter and larger wood-hulled yachts at a time when private luxury vessels were rarely created over 18 meters in length. 

Admiral focused not only on comfort and elegance, but also on performance by engineering bigger vessels with planning hull designs, enabling many of its largest creations to hit speeds of 32 knots or more.

As Admiral’s designs grew in size, the shipbuilder embraced the use of steel and alloy to ensure strength and safety were primary objectives while continuing to ensure higher speeds at sea in any conditions. 

As demand for larger private luxury yachts grew, so did Admiral’s designs, becoming the incredible fleet of ocean-going models built by the company today. Admiral offers more than 18 models of planning, semi-displacement, and displacement hulls from the 37-meter Maxima to the 105-meter Galileo. 

Unafraid to evolve and embrace new design frontiers and technology, Admiral’s more traditional designs, such as the Momentum, Impero, and Atos, are accented by new, modern creations like the X Lence, Argo, and E Motion. 

It’s Admiral’s latest mega yacht creation, the X-Force, that truly showcases the shipbuilder’s ability to evolve with market demands and embrace the future of mega yacht design, engineering, and technology.  

Admiral – Leading the next generation of mega yachts into the future.

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Admiral Yachts is known for building high-end luxury yachts, specializing in Custom and Series builds up to 85 Meters. The company's style of yachts is known for their sleek and modern design, with an emphasis on spacious interiors and high-quality finishes. Admiral is a very design oriented brand, with one of the largest, and cleanest shipyards in all of Italy.  

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