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1986 CRN 120
Year 1986
Cabins 5
Builder CRN
Length 123.03 ft / 37.5 M
1980 CRN 33m
Year 1980
Cabins 5
Builder CRN
Length 110.89 ft / 33.8 M

About crn


In the world of mega yachts, quality and excellence are valued as importantly as seaworthiness and performance. At the pinnacle of luxury yachting, perfection is in the DNA of every builder, designer, and engineer; where each new vessel must exceed the standards set by the last. 

In this elite group of shipbuilders, CRN has established itself as a leader in the field. CRN creates not only their own custom builds, but has created works of maritime art for other shipbuilders as well. 

CRN was founded in 1963 by Italian entrepreneur Sanzio Nicolini, who focused on aluminum and steel as construction materials instead of building wood hulls like most other builders of his time. The company was quickly recognized for building high-end yachts that outpaced the competition in quality, luxury, and comfort. 

Expanding in 2002 by acquiring a neighboring shipyard, CRN added additional design and engineering staff with experience in building commercial, military, and merchant vessels, but also added additional capabilities that allowed the iconic shipbuilder to add composites to its capabilities.

As a bespoke shipbuilder, CRN’s designers work closely with the owner who has commissioned the yacht to construct the closest representation of the buyer’s unique wants, needs, and style. The end result is, in CRN’s own words, “a captivating blend of sublime beauty and majestic proportions.”

Still operating in Ancona, Italy, CRN has created mega yachts, and a variety of custom mega yachts, the largest reaching 264 feet in length. Reviewing the company’s current fleet, it’s easy to see what sets them apart. 

With new builds in process and a variety of new designs available for the buyer who wants the very best, CRN continues to produce some of the most distinctive and noteworthy mega yachts on the sea today. 

CRN – Artistic beauty and uncompromising quality at sea.

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CRN is Ferretti Group’s Big Boat Brand, building yachts of 50 Meters and Up.  CRN yachts are an iconic brand that is offered in Metal options only.  CRN Yachts are all production, not custom builds.

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