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2022 Wajer 55S
location Monaco, MC
Year 2022
Cabins 2
Builder Wajer
Length 55.25 ft / 16.84 M

About wajer


In 1992, Dorus Wajer began hand-crafting beautiful 7-meter launches with uncompromising quality and timeless style on the Netherlands’ northwestern coast. Wajer’s boats were quickly recognized for their outstanding craftsmanship and quality and demand for his work inspired him to build additional designs. 

Three decades later, Wajer Yachts is still a family-owned operation where several generations work alongside the highly skilled engineers and craftsmen that create some of the luxury yachting industry’s most desirable vessels. 

While the 7-meter launch was Wajer Yacht’s first offering, their fleet has grown over the years. First adding an 8-meter launch, Wajer now offers models from 34-foot day cruisers, to 55-foot weekenders, and, for the time being, topping out with Wajer’s 77-foot flagship superyacht. 

While quality and excellence are priorities for Wajer, the company is also quick to include innovative features that enhance any cruise. From automatically deployable fenders, to deck heating and cooling systems, Wajer Yachts are well-equipped with features that enhance the experience of a day underway. 

With fluid lines that merge contemporary style with classic elegance, Wajer boats give off the impression of motion and speed while sitting still. Interestingly enough – no Wajer Yacht includes any 90-degree angles in its design. 

On the water, Wajer’s distinctive style stands out from the fleet, but even quietly waiting at the dock for the next adventure, Wajer Yachts are impossible to overlook.
Wajer Yachts – Timeless beauty and distinctive style with the power to leave the crowd behind. 


Wajer combines a super yacht level finish with signature Wajer innovations, like deck cooling, a hybrid fender system, automatic roof and an integrated swimming platform. These boats are very nice, with best in class fit and finish across models coming in 38, 44, 55, 77, 111 foot models.  They consider themselves a Mini-Feadship. They prefer to sell direct and service can be an issue.

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