Our Man in Montauk


IYG broker Patrick Hopkins is the right guy to know if you are buying or selling a yacht out east.

For Patrick Hopkins, Montauk is a natural fit. The IYG broker was born in Connecticut and spent lots of time in Brooklyn as a younger man, so the Northeast feels like home. During the winter months, he lives in South Florida, but as the weather heats up he joins the IYG diaspora and heads up the coast. In Montauk, he nicely rounds out the brokerage house’s Hamptons presence, complementing Boomer Jousma, who is stationed in Sag Harbor.

Montauk is perfect for Patrick’s vibe. The four-year Coast Guard vet is a hard-charger who takes his work very seriously, but he is also a laidback kind of guy. Montauk has a similarly relaxed personality that suits him. “Sag Harbor is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, it’s the place to be seen,” he says from his deck overlooking Fort Pond Bay. “But Montauk is the place to chill out. That’s what I like about it. It seems like I wake up every morning and see a new superyacht here too. It’s just such a cool environment to be in if you love boats like we all do.”

Patrick and Boomer have known each other for quite some time, but didn’t start working together until about a year ago. Patrick has found the synergies between their personalities to be the right fit. “We can work on a deal together and be assured that between our combined experience and connections that we get all of the bases taken care of for our clients,” he says. “Especially since we are both in the Hamptons for the summer, our clients kind of get this package deal where all angles are thoroughly thought through.”

Boomer Jousma, Conrad Vanderlely and Patrick Hopkins

Patrick spends much of his time at the Montauk Yacht Club, where he is close friends with the dockmaster. “It’s a home away from home,” he says. “And just such a nice place to spend time. What people don’t realize is how full service it is. You want ice, they’ll bring you ice. Want to swim in a pool? They have a couple. If somebody on your boat is sick they can help too. I tell people all the time if they are close to the Montauk Yacht Club, give me a shout, because I know everyone around there, and can help you with whatever you need.”

Another thing Patrick likes about Montauk is the variety of boats that he sees coming and going. “Being this far out, it’s a transient place because it’s a good jumpoff for New England cruising, plus of course it has the fishing roots here. If you walk the docks at Montauk Yacht Club you’ll see everything from Wajers to Nordhavns to Trinitys to big sportfishes. Montauk has it all.”

And with two of their best and brightest in the Hamptons this summer, the Italian Yacht Group has it all covered.