Why 2022 Is The Time To Sell Your Yacht


Is now a good time to sell a motor yacht? Whether the tides in life are changing or you are looking for an upgrade you will find that 2022 is the time to sell your yacht. As we move into the early Spring boating season is upon us. Now is not the time to hesitate, if you have been thinking about selling, buyers are ready. That being said, you probably have some questions.

Do Superyachts sell? 

Demand for motor yachts is still riding high from 2021. According to BoatPro, data as of December 2021 600 superyachts have been sold through brokers. There is no sign of those numbers letting up in 2022. New motor yachts take about 4-5 years to build and while new yacht sales are strong, anyone looking to own and enjoy a new superyacht this summer will be buying used. Yachts in the range of 30-45 meters are by far the most popular size yacht. Currently, these used yachts as well as others are selling in record time.

What is the best way to sell a motor yacht? 

When it comes to selling a motor yacht there are a few different ways to go about it. Private sales require quite a bit of work on the owner’s behalf but if you have an interested buyer that might be the right fit for you. If you don’t have an interested buyer, boats sold through private sales can take years. Selling through a reputable brokerage such as Italian Yacht Group provides marketing services, expertise, and most importantly, approved buyers. 

The marketing of superyachts has gone virtual. Serene video tours welcome buyers right aboard your yacht. Aerial video footage demonstrates a boat’s presence as it moves through diamond seas and panoramic images invite buyers below deck. Marketing campaigns for superyachts have a wide reach, which is necessary to market superyachts to international buyers. 

How much is your superyacht worth? 

Relying on the expert knowledge of the crew at Italian Yacht Group will ensure a sale runs smoothly and that you receive top dollar for your motor yacht. Navigating sales can be a lot to take on as an owner, but a brokerage makes inspections, contracts, taxes, and titles easy. Used yacht sales are breaking records. Supply and demand suggest used yacht sales will hold through this boating season which is why now is the time to sell. Experts are hesitant to suggest what the future may hold past this summer. 

You can find buyers, sellers, and Italian Yacht Group at the upcoming boat show in Miami. February 16-20 there will be four days of notable debuts, and luxurious experiences. Discovering Boating The Miami International Boat Show event is for the first year ever combining the Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show. This event is timely as it is just the beginning of the best season to sell your yacht. Soak up extravagant views and a grand experience with us at the Miami International Boat Show.