To Buy or to Build?


The decision to purchase a superyacht is often a dream come true. After hours of dreaming, you probably have an idea of what you are looking for in a yacht. Do you need a dive center? Is an infinity pool on your list of must-haves? When considering whether you want to buy or build a superyacht there are advantages to both.


Buying a motor yacht offers a turnkey experience. Once you make your decision and sign the paperwork you can be making waves. There are a wide variety of yachts available to meet a variety of needs. And events like the Palm Beach International Boat Show (March 24-27th, 2022) in West Palm Beach Florida, are excellent venues for checking out the inventory.

When buying a yacht you don’t necessarily have the ability to customize it to your taste. Luckily there are options. While you could refit your yacht, you could also consider the great impact of some small changes. If you can embrace the design of a pre-built yacht you can find some incredible deals.


Refitting is generally considered more than changing out linens. While refitting can take as long as a new build, there are varying degrees for refitting and that can have a large impact on budget and timeline.

Lighting can be a relatively easy refit that can update the entire look of a superyacht but updating technology can be a being undertaking. Changing our televisions and speakers is one thing but outdated technology can greatly age a yacht. With how quickly technology advances you may want to be on the cutting edge.

While overhauling everything is an option sometimes it can be more cost-effective and easy on the timeline to work with what you have. Refinishing wood or furniture, changing out hardware, or reinventing spaces can be a happy medium to gutting a yacht.


Building a superyacht can be an exciting undertaking. Building a yacht ensures you can tailor your motor yacht to meet your needs. You will find no end when it comes to the capabilities of yacht architects. It does, however, come at a price. Generally speaking, building a yacht is more expensive than buying a pre-owned yacht.

Whether you decide to buy or build, the commitment to invest in your dreams is one with bountiful returns. If you value the experience of building, that option exists for you and there are great teams to help along the way. If you value hopping on board and creating memories with friends and family, that option exists for you too. Whatever your course, one of our experienced brokers can help guide the way.