Guide to Designing a New Build


The time to build the superyacht of your dreams is here. This exciting journey is rarely a one-off for luxury yacht connoisseurs. Those who are tempted to build once are often captivated by this labor of love. 


After spending years honing in on the superyacht of your dreams, it’s finally time to turn that vision into a plan. 

The development phase ensures that the entire process moves along smoothly. Time spent on developing a solid plan upfront can ensure your superyacht meets regulatory requirements and that you avoid any costly mistakes.  

Select your team 

Deciding who will navigate the waters of building a superyacht will shape your journey. Each member of your team will have an important role to play. Some yacht builders will offer

Broker – A superyacht broker can help provide valuable context on the current luxury yacht market. Advice on budget, availability, and market demands can allow you to make educated decisions about the design of your yacht. 

Naval Architect – The Naval Architect will create the conceptual design. Architecture plans include the style of the hull and layout, etc. 

Engineer – The Engineer is responsible for weaving the operating systems throughout the superyacht’s design. 

Builder – The builder may be the most essential member of your team. They will bring the drawings to life. Selecting a reputable building will come at a price, not just in dollars but in the timeline of your project. 

Flag State – The Flag State is your boat’s country of origin or the place of registration. Your flag state will determine the regulations and codes your yacht must meet to gain approval for safety compliance. Consult your team to determine which Flag State is most advantageous for your luxury yacht.

The Build

Building a superyacht is a massive production. It takes hundreds of highly skilled workers following detailed plans to create quality in today’s superyachts. Your builder will oversee everything from crafting a steel hull to outfitting the yacht with mechanics, electrical, and IT systems to the final exquisite details. 

The hulls are composed of steel puzzle pieces, and they must be perfectly crafted to the correct shape with smooth seams for a beautiful finish. The superstructure of a yacht is often aluminum. An aluminum superstructure creates a lighter vessel but adds to the complexity of adjoining two different metals. 

Outfitting a superyacht is an engineering feat. Propelling superyachts of 90 meters, meeting regulatory requirements for fire sprinklers and onboard septic systems, while offering the ability to stream Netflix and claim any efforts to be eco-friendly, just to name a few. The bulk of this work happens before interior or exterior finishes, 

Sea Trails and Warranties 

Upon completion of the build, your superyacht will undergo an extensive sea trial. This sea trial tests all systems and documents top speeds, fuel efficiency, etc. Once all professionals consent, your superyacht is ready for delivery. 

Large luxury yachts depend on complex systems. It’s common to have kinks requiring attention as the captain dials in on everything. Your warranty will outline the grace period for identifying any issues that require the builder’s attention. 

Building a yacht isn’t just a luxury expense but a commitment. Those who love building enjoy the process from beginning to end: the relationships they form and the scale scope of this rewarding project.