Crew Placement: Finding The Right Professionals To Crew Your Yacht


Once you find the right yacht, the next best decision you will make is hiring the right crew. Crew members make your well-oiled machine function effortlessly and efficiently. Depending on the size and purpose of your yacht, your crew will vary significantly. Larger vessels allow for a larger crew with more specific roles for each crew member. Smaller luxury yachts necessitate a smaller crew that can multitask. NauticALL offers Crew Placement and Yacht Management Services to help you find the right professionals. 

Your captain is a mainstay in your crew. A captain’s role is not just to guide the ship but to lead the crew. They oversee safety and all operations onboard the vessel. This can consist of regulatory compliance, navigation, and maintenance.

A first officer is the crew member capable of stepping up into the role of captain should the need arise. They will manage the deck crew and schedules. The first officer also helps with charting and administrative duties. Some first officers have diverse skill sets and are certified and licensed to perform engineering tasks. Depending on the needs of your superyacht, having a dynamic first officer can help fill many roles.

A deckhand position is for entry-level crew members. Entry-level deckhands have some training and licensure. Deckhands will work on exterior cleaning and upkeep on the yacht. Those cleaning responsibilities include washing, waxing, varnishing exterior surfaces, etc. Deckhands are also responsible for checking lines for excessive wear and tear and making repairs. Preparing and supervising tenders and toys for use of the owners falls within the scope of a deckhand’s duties.

A steward or stewardess and his or her team are responsible for the ship’s interior. All cleaning, food service, and cabin preparations fall under these responsibilities. A steward or stewardess also helps prepare for all planning daily itineraries, arranging transport, organizing meals and special requests are just a few ways a steward or stewardess can help create a memorable and relaxing experience for you and your guests.

 Some yachts are best suited to employing an engineer or a team of engineers as a part of their crew. Engineers can have a host of responsibilities outside of the engine room. Engineers oversee all mechanical and electrical components of the yacht.

While guests enjoy stunning views and serene seas, culinary experiences must be just as delightful. A chef orchestrates the menu, sourcing, purchasing, prepping, and presenting food aboard the ship. A chef aboard a yacht must be dynamic to create various culinary dishes and meet guests’ dietary needs.

A crew is 35-40% of the operating costs of a yacht. Hiring the best offers peace of mind and a pleasant experience. When it comes to hiring a crew, consider what is most important—their ability to work together to promote safety and their ability to create an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.