Baglietto: A Legacy of Italian Yacht Building Excellence


When it comes to unmatched heritage, pedigree, and the level of boatbuilding expertise that comes from nearly 200 years in the industry, there is only one name in the Italian yachting sector: Baglietto. Founded in 1854 by Pietro Baglietto, the builder originally specialized in building smaller craft, but soon found its way into shipbuilding and eventually yacht building. Today it is one of the most sought-after brands in Italy. And no one knows it better than the Italian Yacht Group.

“Baglietto really is an expert at what it does,” says Boomer Jousma. “Their customization is high level, they pay a lot of attention to fit and finish, and they offer a standard of luxury that is a cut above a lot of their competitors. They can do all of that because they don’t mass-produce hulls. They work in aluminum and steel and they are some of the best in the world with those materials.”

The La Spezia-based builder largely focuses on long-range vessels that can handle the challenges Mother Nature throws their way, no matter the environment. The peace of mind a Baglietto offers her owners is second to none, and that’s a quality that IYG is proud of. “These are structurally sound, safe boats built by true shipbuilding experts,” says Jousma. “Of course they look great too, that’s obvious from just a glance. But we really feel confident in the way they perform as well.”

IYG has recently sold a Baglietto T52, the builder’s latest launch. The T52 stands out for her leggy range and an available hybrid propulsion system that is at the top of her class. This model enjoyed a plum spot at the mouth of the harbor at the Cannes Yachting Festival where it wowed showgoers, builders, and journalists alike.

Baglietto also has a new 115 in its DOM line. That yacht is a full-displacement vessel with a design by Stefano Vafiadis. She is the little sister of the popular 133 DOM of which nine hulls have been sold.

If you are interested in Baglietto and IYG’s singular expertise regarding the brand please reach out to Boomer Jousma and the team, and we’d be happy to speak more with you about one of Italy’s truly marquee boatbuilders.