Wherever A Mangusta May Roam It Is Always The Center Of Attention


Very few builders can claim to make the statement that a Mangusta does when it pulls into port. Large, fast, and designed with exceptionally sleek lines, there is good reason that owners of some of the world’s largest and most glamorous mega yachts also keep a Mangusta in their fleet. Oftentimes when these yachts dock alongside a 250-footer, it’s the Mangusta that is the star of the show.

IYG likes working with Mangusta for various reasons. For one, the builder is family owned and run with multiple generations of the Balducci family still at the company, which has yards in Viareggio and Pisa, Italy. Secondly, IYG has found that Mangusta is remarkably serious about its market research, meaning that the products it puts out match well with what their clients actually want and need in a yacht. And thirdly, Mangusta keeps an office in America, in Miami Beach—a relative rarity for Italian builders—meaning that buying, operating, and maintaining an American-owned Mangusta is that much easier.

IYG also admires Mangusta for its customizability. While the yachts are semi-production, interiors in particular are very malleable to a customer’s tastes. For example, whereas some competitors might offer a few different types of woods to choose from, Mangusta doesn’t put a cap on the kinds of woods it is willing to use. “They will do what it takes to make you happy,” says IYG co-founder Boomer Jousma.

And of course, the boats are fast—like fast fast. The Mangusta 165 Rev is a 40-knot boat, with quadruple 2,600-hosepower MTUs matched to twin KaMeWa jets. She’s also one of the largest boats in the world built with a fiberglass hull.

Mangusta offers boats ranging from 108 feet to 165 feet, with three different lines including the Gransport, Maxi Open, and Oceano. Contact Boomer Jousma at Boomer@theiyg.com if you’re ready to up your game and purchase one of the most impressive boats on the water today.