The Italian Yacht Group has overseen production of over 100 new construction yachts that are, at a minimum, 80 feet in length.

Building a new custom yacht is a complex project that requires close supervision, an incredibly high attention to detail, and impeccably strong relationships with designers, contractors and shipyards. With IYG, these relationships are already in place. We have a strong and established network of proven partners with the experience and expertise to build bespoke yachts of any size.

Building New vs Buying Pre-Owned

As with all luxury products, there is a market for both new and pre-owned, and reasons why clients choose one over the other. Acquiring a pre-owned yacht is certainly faster and easier than building new, but a new custom build provides several exclusive benefits:


This is your most important consideration. If you purchase an existing yacht, you can live with the original owner’s taste and style or invest time and money into refurbishing and refitting the vessel to meet your needs. The cost of the latter can approach the cost of building new, so why not make your yacht exactly what you want it to be? A custom yacht build allows you to have full control over every last detail, from trim to types of wood, room configurations, technologies, furniture and more.


As with owning anything new, a new yacht offers maximum warranty coverage. Components such as engines, electronics and more will come with protections already in place. Pre-owned yachts may have expired warranties that you have to pay to extend, or worse – no coverage at all, leaving you financially liable for any failures.

The Process of Building a Custom Yacht

As partners on more than 100 new construction yachts, we know the process intimately. Allow Italian Yacht Group to guide you every step of the way so that you feel totally confident in your custom vessel.

Create a Concept
A team of experts will help you to articulate your vision and assemble detailed plans for your yacht. Our insights when it comes to technical and operational requirements, as well as possible market potential, will help sharpen your creative vision.
Design the Yacht
While you work closely with the design team, IYG keeps a close eye on the process to ensure that the yacht design remains perfectly in line with your vision, personal specifications, functional requirements and all relevant regulations.
Choose a Builder
We have long-established relationships with Italy’s leading yacht-makers and will advise clients on choosing a partner, but the choice is ultimately your own. We remain completely unbiased. Our role is simply to help you navigate your choices so that you end up working with a builder who will precisely satisfy your needs and specifications.
Manage the Build
IYG has a dedicated Project Management Team available to you throughout the construction of your new yacht. They act as a liaison with your contractors, designers, architects, and shipyard to ensure that the project stays on time and on budget.
Deliver the Yacht
Prior to accepting delivery of your masterpiece, it will be put through extensive sea trials. During this critical step, meticulous attention to detail will uncover any technical issues that must be fine-tuned. This ensures that your new yacht arrives in perfect condition for delivery day, when you finally see the results of your vision and patience.
Post-Delivery Support
Even after delivery, IYG is here for you. We are here with your best interests in mind to ensure that your ownership experience is exactly what you expected. Contact us today for more information on designing and building your own brand-new, custom yacht.