Luxury Yacht Sales in Sag Harbor, New York

Sag Harbor Office

IYG, the Italian Yacht Group, welcomes the yachting world to our Sag Harbor Village location at 50 Water Street. Our boutique luxury yacht sales office is the perfect fit for this historic area embraced by the yachting communities of Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk and the entire northeast, presenting top-of-industry luxury yachts for purchase, sale, or charter.

Quite at home among the area’s vineyards, coastal estates, and vibrant business districts, our Sag Harbor location displays a carefully curated yacht sales selection perfect for exploring the New England coastal areas from Maine to the Carolinas and beyond.

In this marine-focused region where craftsmanship and relationships matter, Italian Yacht Group is a standout preferred by yachting enthusiasts for our quality, integrity, and personalized service. We also add a little something extra that the others cannot — iconic Italian style.