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About sunseeker

Although Italy has a wealth of famous shipyards along the Tuscan coast, England’s southern shoreline provides the backdrop for its own group of super yacht companies, including Sunseeker.

The company came to life in Poole, England, in 1969 when brothers John and Robert Braithwaite purchased the molds for a line of powerboats that ceased production. Under the name Poole Powerboats, their first models quickly attracted attention. 

Integrating their client’s suggestions for new features, the company released a 23-footer aimed at the country’s growing demand for sporty cruisers and adopted the brand name Sunseeker for their popular new models. By the end of the decade, Poole Powerboats had built a reputation for building fast and sporty high-quality boats and the company changed its name to Sunseeker. 

By developing a partnership with designer Don Shead in the 1980s, Sunseeker began building larger vessels based on the deep-V hulls which ultimately set Sunseeker apart. By offering superior speed and handling in a luxury vessel, Sunseeker’s sales skyrocketed. 

Although Sunseeker’s quality and performance helped make them an internationally recognized brand, Sunseeker’s willingness to adopt new technologies, such as duo props and water jets, helped them stay ahead of the luxury yacht fleet. 

Today, with a wide range of models from 38 to 164 feet in length, Sunseeker Yachts offers a high-performance luxury yacht that will meet the needs of any client. 

Sunseeker – Luxury yachts built on a high-performance platform.


Sunseeker is another established British Yacht brand that often competes adjacent to Azimut and Princess.  - They are a value brand that, like so many others, have seen their price advantage reduced.


Below is a selection of our current yachts for sale. Select a vessel to explore it in greater detail or contact our team to share your interest or ask us a question.

2011 Sunseeker 80 Yacht
Athens, GR
Year 2011
Cabins 4
Builder Sunseeker
Length 80.18 ft/MM
2017 Sunseeker MANHATTAN
Miami, FL
Year 2017
Cabins 3
Builder Sunseeker
Length 52 ft/MM
2012 Sunseeker Manhattan 73
Mojo Risin
Marina Del Rey, CA
Year 2012
Cabins 4
Builder Sunseeker
Length 74 ft/MM

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