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Yachts for Sale

About rossinavi

It should be no surprise that Tuscany and the surrounding coastal cities would become home to many of the world’s elite super and mega yacht builders. Once the cultural center of the Renaissance, the area is now home to many of the world’s most gifted maritime designers, engineers, and shipbuilders that harness their skills.

Rossinavi Yachts is the evolution of Cantiere Fratelli Rossi – or Rossi Brother’s Shipyard. Founded in the early 1970s by Claudio and Paride Rossi, the company initially focused on fabricating metal parts for the maritime and yachting industries.   

As their company grew, the two brothers looked for ways to diversify and soon began building steel and aluminum hulls and superstructures as subcontractors to some of Italy’s oldest yacht builders. 

Their work with many of the industry’s elite provided the Rossi brothers with a wealth of maritime and super yacht industry experience and knowledge and, in 2007, the company was reborn under the Rossinavi Yachts brand. 

Now well-known for building completely customized, high-end luxury yachts, each Rossinavi creation is the product of a partnership between the company’s design and engineering teams and the client who commissioned the vessel. 

At Rossinavi, each yacht is the embodiment of the client’s unique dreams and desires, while also reflecting the company’s commitment to infusing the world’s most innovative luxury yachts with the elegance, comfort, and style that is Italy’s rich heritage.

Rossinavi – built to create unique experiences - all beginning with a dream.


Rossinavi is among the highest quality custom yachts builders in Italy.  They are highly respected and family owned.  The company typically builds 2-3 yachts per year, and they are a great offering for someone going from a production to a custom yacht.  And while they are custom, they have their own in-house new designs available. The company is very eco-oriented and is constantly pushing innovative “Green” initiatives.


Below is a selection of our current yachts for sale. Select a vessel to explore it in greater detail or contact our team to share your interest or ask us a question.

2002 Rossinavi 92'
Grosseto, IT
Year 2002
Cabins 5
Builder Rossinavi
Length 91.86 ft/MM

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