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Yachts for Sale

About princess

In the luxury yacht world, there are a handful of shipbuilders which are recognized the world over due to their reputation for building an outstanding product in an industry with very stiff competition. Princess Yachts is one of those brands and a shipbuilder whose products perfectly reflect the company name. 

In the realm of yacht royalty, Princess Yachts wears a crown. 

Although the company released their first Princess branded yacht, a vessel known as Project 31, in 1965, the brand began as Marine Projects when founder Dave King built a charter boat as a personal project and the vessel was quickly purchased while it was still under construction.

Between 1965 and 1970, Marine Projects launched more than 150 yachts from the city of Plymouth on England’s southwestern shores. Well-known as a thriving maritime center, Plymouth provided the perfect home for the growing boat builder and Marine Projects vessels became a sought-after brand. 

The company changed course during the 1990s recession and rebranded as Princess Yachts with a focus on creating the high-quality vessels that exceeded industry standards by maintaining complete control over the build process.

The Princess fleet now offers 20 models in six distinct classes, with options ranging from performance yachts built with cutting edge technology and engineering, to sleek, speedy sport yachts, to long-range flybridge cruisers that touch on the edge of mega yacht boundaries.  

Since the company’s launch, Princess has held a seat in the top tier of luxury yacht builders and shows no signs of giving up the throne.

Princess Yachts – Elegance and excellence offered in luxury yachts built with a royal touch. 


Princess makes a very reliable, well respected British yacht.  They build fine boats from express to mid-sized yachts. They have very nice fit & finish. Princess is more traditional than the Italian designs, and they also tend to be easier to sell to a broader segment of the market.  IYG knows and respects the owners at Princess and have sold many of them to satisfied customers. They are all-around good yachts that we like to sell as an alternative to Italian lines.


Below is a selection of our current yachts for sale. Select a vessel to explore it in greater detail or contact our team to share your interest or ask us a question.

2020 Princess V65
Cannes, FR
Year 2020
Cabins 4
Builder Princess
Length 65.62 ft/MM
2019 Princess V50
Year 2019
Cabins 2
Builder Princess
Length 50.08 ft/MM
2015 Princess 72 Motor Yacht
Istanbul, TR
Year 2015
Cabins 4
Builder Princess
Length 73.39 ft/MM

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