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About baglietto

Established in 1854, the Baglietto shipyard is one of the oldest Italian luxury yacht manufacturers in operation today. Baglietto began as the source for race-winning sailboats although the shipbuilder was also commissioned to create a variety of other vessels before turning their focus on power-driven vessels in the early 1900s. 

Unafraid to innovate, Baglietto built the largest Italian combustion-engine powered cruising yacht at 22.6 meters in 1906, and soon after, the shipyard created a prototype of the world’s first hydrofoil. 

During World War 1, Baglietto’s reputation for building fast, nimble watercraft led to commissions for fast patrol and anti-submarine vessels while also building private yachts for wealthy clients and royalty.

As the company grew, Baglietto continued to embrace new innovations and materials in its unwavering interest in building the highest quality vessels while also pushing the boundaries of speed and comfort.

In 1986, using aluminum hull construction and water jet propulsion, Baglietto constructed the 26 meter Chato, a luxury motor yacht with a comfortable 40 knot cruising speed but capable of reaching a top speed of more than 60 knots during the sea trial – an incredible achievement for a boat of her size at that time. 

After more than 150 years, Baglietto remains one of the most respected names in in the luxury yachting industry and continues to push boundaries with its cutting-edge, bespoke designs and technological innovations.

Baglietto – High performance, elegance, and excellence built on a rich history.


Baglietto Yachts is one of the most iconic of all Italian yacht builders, and also one of the oldest. Baglietto offers traditional steel and aluminum semi-displacement models but also builds fast and super-fast motor yacht options. This design flexibility truly sets Baglietto Yachts apart. They specialize in building their own series of yachts, but will build and design custom projects.


Below is a selection of our current yachts for sale. Select a vessel to explore it in greater detail or contact our team to share your interest or ask us a question.

1994 Baglietto BAGLIETTO 25M
Glyfada, GR
Year 1994
Cabins 4
Builder Baglietto
Length 81.99 ft/MM
2000 Baglietto fly
Miami, FL
Year 2000
Cabins 7
Builder Baglietto
Length 113 ft/MM
1999 Baglietto 135
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Year 1999
Cabins 4
Builder Baglietto
Length 135 ft/MM

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