2020 Custom Line Navetta 33 Diana II


Cannes, 06


Custom Line




33.00 m / 108.27 ft


The Custom Line Navetta 33 is one of our favorites.

Acclaimed by experts and owners alike, she embodies the principles of the impressive Navetta series like no other, combining innovative design, dignified luxury and the highest levels of comfort and safety.

We are very pleased to exclusively offer the Custom Line Navetta 33 'DIANA II', which we delivered in 2020 to the owner, for the first time on the market. The vessel has never been chartered out and exclusively used by the owner.

Aboard, three spacious decks await you with unparalleled comfort. The unusually large volume of the Custom Line Navetta 33 makes her unique in her class.

The 5 spacious cabins of this motor yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests. The large garage offers plenty of room for tenders, jet skis and other water toys. The hydraulic swimming platform makes it easy to convert into a fantastic beach club.

Custom Line's advanced technology ensures comfort and stability, whatever the conditions.

Thanks to the VOTIS software that controls infotainment systems, life on board is easier. With the integrated helm, all systems can be monitored at a glance - for the highest level of safety.

The zero-speed fin stabilisers with standstill function and the two Seakeeper stabilisers ensure that everyone can enjoy the view and the experience on board undisturbed, both while cruising and at rest.

Take the opportunity to view the Custom Line Navetta 33 'DIANA II' and experience the qualities and excellent condition of this vessel.

At this year's Cannes Yachting Festival from 12 - 17 September 2023, we look forward to welcoming you on board DIANA II in Port Canto.



  • Wood floor in main deck (galley excluded)
  • Wood diff from the std (Walnut)
  • Automatic opening for aft glass door in MD salon diff.
  • Automatic opening for glass door on starboard dining area
  • Automatic opening for aft glass door in UD salon (1 panel) diff.
  • Balcony on starboard side in MD bulwark with grey caulking
  • Electrical raising of curtains in upper deck salon
  • Electrical raising of curtains in lower deck (4 cabins)
  • Dimmer light in main deck (interior)
  • Dimmer light in MD cockpit
  • Dimmer light in the lower deck
  • Dimmer light in the upper deck
  • Separable (manual sliding) queen bed in starboard VIP cabin
  • Pullman bed in the starboard guest’s cabin
  • Openable window in master office with mosquito net
  • Openable window in captain cabin



  • Furniture with hydromassage Jacuzzi with sun pad in SD (no walkway around)
  • Anchor chain with 16 mm diameter and 150 mt length diff.
  • Hydraulic stem thruster 58 HP (double propeller)
  • Floor teak covering with grey caulking in SD
  • Teak with grey caulking in main deck and upper deck diff. from std.
  • Teak floor on bow triangle area with grey caulking
  • Manual Bimini with 6 carbon poles in dinette area at bow
  • Manual Bimini in upper deck
  • Manual Bimini in sun deck
  • Privacy curtain in MD cockpit
  • Shower in the hardtop aft sun deck
  • Hand shower at bow: hot/cold fresh water
  • Shower (cold and hot water) on swimming platform
  • Underwater light (2 at stern, 8 each side)
  • Underwater light under the bulb at bow
  • Mooring whips with housing on sponson side (2 pipes + 4 housing)
  • Retractable cleats on swimming platform
  • Dryer machine Miele PT 7 l 35C Plus diff from std
  • Dryer machine Miele PT 7 l 35C additional
  • Washing machine Miele PW6065 Plus diff from std
  • Washing machine Miele PW 606.5 additional
  • Wine cooler in UD pantry (34 bottles)
  • lcemaker in sundeck
  • Blast chiller in pantry MD
  • Gaggenau grill on sun deck.
  • Window with porthole in the galley



  • Main generator Kohler 55EFOZDJ 53 kW diff. to 44 kW
  • Shore Power Converter for 110V 50Hz
  • Auxiliary generator Kohler55EFOZDJ 53 kW diff. to 44kW
  • Airconditioning tropical" COMFORT" with UTA diff
  • Parallel system automatic for generators
  • Active carbon filter
  • Filling station for tender in the garage
  • UV water sterilizer
  • Purifier and gasifier water with tap
  • Rope cut system for stabilizers fins
  • Alfa Laval
  • Treatment system for black water Hamann
  • Compressor for diving
  • ldroscop Fluiten
  • Digital chain counters -couple-
  • Watermaker ldromar 360 1/h diff from scd 180 1/h (duplex)
  • Gyro stabilizers 2 x NG 16.000 Seakeeper
  • Fin Stabilizer
  • Antenna TV 5AT KVH HD 11 with receiver in salon
  • Super premium integrated bridge
  • CCTV, camera thermal night vision FLIR M625L
  • Monitor VGA Nideoln 15·· GLASS for CCTV in crew mess
  • Colored glass at bow SD diff from std plexi glass
  • Starboard side furniture in UD salon with opening from the top
  • UD canopy on the sides
  • Bar furniture in SD: The same as N33#1
  • Centralized system for engine/inverters/generators oil change
  • Wine cooler in MD pantry (34 bottles)
  • Water maker: automatic washing system for duplex
  • Share voltage and frequency converter a/sea
  • Tender Williams 505 Diesel jet
  • Spare kit for electrical equipment
  • Umbrella in the beach area
  • Waterproof roll-up privacy curtain in the garage
  • Air compressor Fina Ciao 24/244
  • Additional air outlet in engine room, stern garage and bow garage.



  • A/V Package Domotic Area A
  • A/V Package Control Area A
  • A/V Package Domotic Area B
  • A/V Package Control Area B
  • A/V Info Basic in main salon
  • Info system remote
  • Premium Sound External Sonance
  • Couple of additional Sonance loudspeakers in SD
  • DVD player Blue Ray full HD in UD salon IR receiver in MD salon and UD salon and master cabin
  • BYOD
  • Launch port base Station for l Pad in MD salon, UD salon and master cabin.
  • A Class AIS system
  • Chart map: Furuno mega wide diff.: Navionics Med & Black Sea
  • BNWAS: bridge navigational watch alarm system
  • Radar: Navnet DRS 12A X antenna Open Array 6ft
  • Gyro Compass Simrad RGC 80C "I.M.O."
  • TV 49" Samsung QLED 4K Q70R in starboard VIP cabin Samsung 49" QLED 4K Q70R
  • TV 49" LCDIQLED in port VIP cabin Samsung 49" QLED 4K Q70R
  • TV 49" LCDIQLED in port guest cabin Samsung 49" QLED 4K Q70R
  • Smart TV 28" LG with built-in SAT receiver and 2 HDMI (1 for Apple TV, 1 spare to connect an external source in crew dinette)
  • TV 55" LCD/QLED thin in upper salon diff. Samsung 55" QLED 4K Q90R


Additional Extras:

  • MD ceiling: lacquer on port side, bronze mirror on starboard side; UD ceiling: bronze mirror on port side, lacquer on starboard side
  • Dimmer lights in SO
  • Dimmer lights in dinette area at bow
  • Dimmer lights in crew area
  • Dimmer for red navigation lights in the pilot house
  • Lightning rod beneath the beds in master and lower deck cabins
  • Light in the niche of bow wall in dining area
  • Bath In master bathroom
  • Mirror heating in all bathrooms (day head excluded)
  • Hot water pump as back up with bypass valve
  • Hot water line dedicated to each deck
  • Fresh water outlet in aft garage, bow garage and engine room
  • M3 water clock in control room
  • Switch plates diff from std
  • Wooden floor in the upper deck diff.
  • Handles in the whole boat Valli and Valli satin finishing diff.
  • Columns upholstered in leather diff. in MD. LD and UD
  • Improve the water tightness in the aft garage (stainless steel shield with 3 removable plates and a drainage point)
  • Big shower head in master bathroom
  • Sand filter for water maker
  • Anti Vibration mounts for water maker
  • Fire extinguishing system with manual activation below the helm area in the pilot house
  • Closure valve on Seakeeper, black water, generators.
  • Additional lights and sockets requested
  • TV 55" in master cabin diff. Samsung 55" QLED 4K Q90R
  • Smart TV 28" LG with built-in SAT receiver and 2 HDMI (1 for Apple TV, 1 spare to connect an external source) in captain cabin
  • longer bed in master cabin
  • Faucets in master bathroom diff.
  • Marble Jerusalem mat in master bathroom diff: bathroom floor, shower bench, top and built-in washbasins, bath (frame and front side) and 3 walls above the bath
  • Galley Ernesto Meda diff.
  • Day-head: built-in washbasin in marble Calcutta Oro, below the washbasin furniture in wood.
  • Inside the washbasin add a smaller cop to hide the drain. Floor in marble Jerusalem mat diff
  • Faucets in lower deck bathrooms diff.
  • Lower deck bathrooms: marble Jerusalem mat for bathroom floor, shower floor, bench shower, top and built-in
  • Washbasin diff.: Euro 3.900 each bathroom, total 4 bathrooms Euro 15.600.
  • UV sterilizer by ldromar for the icemaker of the fridge and the gasifier in the galley
  • Door between galley and crew lobby
  • Plexiglass holder in pilot house
  • Single top of the furniture next to the sofa in main helm
  • Bigger sink in crew dinette
  • Hinges at small inspection doors of bow dinette sofa
  • Anti-slippery on hard top
  • Additional cover on SD staircase
  • Stopper an external storage to avoid hitting when opening
  • Piston inside the mooring ropes storage in MD cockpit
  • Predisposition for side ladder on the 2 sides
  • Furuno Fl70 on side docking Stations and captain
  • External color camera in the ceiling of the garage to monitor the beach area
  • Navnet TZT 14 repeater in crew dinette
  • Graded rod to view the fuel level
  • Fresh water connection in the SD
  • Filling freshwater tank from shore outlet under pressure
  • Increased ventilation under the beds (crew included)
  • improve ventilation inside central cabinet in UD corridor
  • White gasket on all external storage
  • Cleaning system for fresh water with electro valve integrated in the monitoring system and timer for automatic on/off switching
  • Openable handrail at bow for the 180"' rotation of the crane in the garage
  • Apple TV 4k in MD salon, UD salon, crew dinette and captain cabin.
  • 4 additional access point to ensure the overall WIFI cover of the boat. Wireless Lan Controller and upgrade from Megabit to Gigabit.
  • No antifouling in the tender area at aft
  • Change, to the dive compressor
  • Second TV SAT antenna with smart selector HD 1 1
  • Switches with light alarm
  • TV 55" Samsung QLED 4K Q90R in MD salon diff.
  • Additional discharges inside balcony MD salon
  • 6 Ethernet cable to connect LD TVs to local network
  • Additional curtain at aft and starboard side window door in MD salon and at aft window door UD salon
  • Rug in MD salon (2250 x 2230)
  • Sofa and layout in MD salon as N33# 1 (model Mondrian by Poliform with same fabric of hull #1) diff.
  • Coffee tables same as N33# 1 (1 rectangular, 1 round model Mondrian by Poliform) diff.
  • Dining table by Flex form model Gipsy diff.
  • Dining chairs (10 without armrests) by Poliform model Ipanema diff.
  • Mechanism to pull out the printer from master desk
  • Armchair by Poliform model Marion upholstered in velvet as N33#1
  • Rug in master cabin (2710 x 3200mm)
  • Towels in master bathroom by lvano Redaelli diff.
  • Decorative cushions in master cabin (2) and in LD cabins (8)
  • Drawer at end of the bed in the starboard guest cabin (only for the bed at starboard side)
  • Additional internal sockets: 1 in pantry MD, 2 in the galley, 1 in MD salon (aft starboard side), 1 in master office, 1 in master cabin starboard, 1 crew dinette (sofa), 1 in UD salon, 2 in UD pantry,1 above the desk in main helm
  • Schuko socket next to each interior socket (standard and optional)
  • Ottoman by Poltrona Frau model Lepi in LD cabins diff.
  • Custom layout of VIP bathrooms diff. (extended countertop in marble, tabletop wash basins in Corian as difference from built-in washbasin originally requested, new mirror heated. Additional storage below the wash basin)
  • Sofa B&B ltalia model Michael Club (as N33#1) in UD salon in UD salon
  • Coffee table by Poliforrn model Mondrian in UD salon diff.
  • Rug in UD salon (3750 x 1820mm)
  • Upholstery exterior structural diff. (sofa in MD cockpit, sun pad around the Jacuzzi, sun pad and sofa at bow)
  • Armchairs by Paola Lenti model Sabi in MD cockpit diff.
  • Coffee tables by Paola Lenti model Giro (dia 65cm) in MD cockpit diff.
  • Custom dining table with top in teak, structure in stainless steel in UD cockpit diff. (as N3 3#1)
  • Dining chairs by Dedon model Dean in UD cockpit diff. (as N33# 1)
  • 2 side sofas, 2 ottomans and coffee table between the sofas by Paola Lenti model Cove in UD cockpit diff.
  • Exterior decorative cushions
  • Sunbeds by Paola Lenti model Cove in SD diff.
  • 2 sofa and a coffee table by Paola Lenti model Cove in SD diff.
  • Coffee table by Paola Lenti model Cove in SD diff
  • Beach towels n. 12 (2100 x 1000) and n. 30 (1600 x1000)
  • Cutlery by Christofle model Albi 2 in stainless steel diff.
  • Additional tableware by Hermes collection Guadalquivir for 12 people
  • ldrofast water softener by ldromar
  • Installation of battery chargers and sockets in the aft garage for 2 Seabob F5 S supplied by the owner
  • Installation of Lift foil board 6'2 Explorer and battery charger in the aft garage supplied by the owner
  • LightSpeed on underwater light
  • Tray below the water maker
  • Teak frame around emergency escape in master cabin
  • Teak frame around emergency escape in crew area
  • Teak frame around hatch at bow
  • Printer in master office
  • Inflatable futons in the beach area upholstered in same fabric as exterior cushions
  • Boat name at stern garage door in stainless steel and backlit
  • Port name on stern garage door in stainless steel
  • Fridge-freezer in the galley diff.
  • Sideboard between sofa and dining table in MD salon
  • Additional sup led light inside each wardrobe in master and lower deck cabins
  • Glasses by Christofle model Rogaska diff from std, including their plexi holders
  • Teak frame around the storages on both sides of MD cockpit sofa
  • Additional shelves: 1 Inside the closet of port guest cabin (in front of the rack): 1 Inside the closet of starboard side VIP cabin above the safe
  • Rail to hold the fenders at one side of the anchors Storage at bow
  • Bins in master cabin and bathroom (3), day head (1), lower deck cabins and bathrooms (8)
  • Protective curtains in the wheelhouse
  • Teak at port side of UD walkway
  • N. 2 additional lights in UD ceiling at port side walkway
  • 1 tablecloth with 12 napkins, 12 American placemats with 12 napkins
  • Additional subwoofer in UD salon
  • Plexi holders for additional Hermes tableware
  • Increase height of the pole of the shower in swimming platform to 2.15 mt
  • Door stops in engine room
  • Control from Domotic of the light of second subwoofer in UD salon, aft wall port side
  • Installation of diving bottles supplied by the client in control room, starboard side next to Bauer compressor
  • EIAPP certificate for MAN engines
  • Cut for ropes on the cover of side storages in MD cockpit
  • Supply and positioning of standard glasses in MD salon
  • Stainless steel bar to hang diving suits in the aft garag
  • Kid protection at pullman bed in starboard guest cabin



Die Custom Line Navetta 33 ist eine unserer persönlichen Favoriten.

Von Experten und Eignern gleichermaßen geschätzt, verkörpert sie wie keine andere die Prinzipien der beeindruckenden Navetta-Serie und vereint innovatives Design, gediegenen Luxus sowie höchsten Komfort und Sicherheit.

Wir freuen uns sehr, die 2020 von uns gelieferte Custom Line Navetta 33 ‚DIANA II‘ exklusiv zum ersten Mal auf dem Markt anzubieten. Die Yacht wurde nicht verchartert und ausschließlich durch den Eigner genutzt.

An Bord erwarten Sie vier geräumige Decks mit unvergleichlichem Komfort. Das ungewöhnlich große Volumen der Custom Line Navetta 33 macht sie zu einem Unikat in ihrer Klasse.

Die 5 großzügigen Kabinen dieser Yacht bieten Raum für bis zu 12 Gäste.

Die große Garage bietet viel Raum für Tender, Jetski und weitere Water Toys. Durch die hydraulische Badeplattform kann sie leicht zu einem fantastischen Beach Club umfunktioniert werden.

Die fortschrittliche Technologie von Custom Line sorgt für Komfort und Stabilität, egal unter welchen Bedingungen.

Dank der VOTISSoftware, welche die Infotainment-Systeme steuert, ist das Leben an Bord noch einfacher. Mit dem integrierten Steuerstand lassen sich alle Systeme auf einen Blick überwachen – für das höchste Maß an Sicherheit.

Die Zero-Speed-Fin-Stabilisatoren mit Stillstandsfunktion und die beiden SeakeeperStabilisatoren sorgen für ein ungestörtes Erlebnis an Bord – sowohl während der Fahrt als auch vor Anker.

Nehmen Sie die Gelegenheit wahr, die Custom Line Navetta 33 ‚DIANA II‘ zu besichtigen und überzeugen Sie sich selbst von der Qualität und dem exzellenten Zustand der Yacht.

Auf dem diesjährigen Cannes Yachting Festival vom 12. – 17. September 2023 freuen wir uns auf Ihren Besuch an Bord der DIANA II in Port Canto.

Wir möchten uns gerne Zeit für Sie nehmen. Kontaktieren Sie uns für Besichtigungstermine daher bitte vorab telefonisch oder per Mail.


Auszug aus der Spezifikation: 

  • FIN  Stabilisatoren
  • 2 x Seakeeper Gyro Stabilisatoren NG 16
  • Kran in der Buggarage Liftkapazität 500 kg
  • Heckstrahlruder hydraulisch 58 HP (Doppel Propeller)
  • Teak im Tender Bereich
  • Teak auf dem Sundeck mit grauen Fugen
  • Teak im Bugbereich mit grauen Fugen
  • Teak im Hauptdeck, Oberdeck und Sonnendeck mit grauen Fugen
  •  2 Generatoren @ 53kw -50 hz
  • Automatische öffnende Glastür Hauptdeck
  • Automatische öffnende Glastür Hauptdeck Steuerbord Seite
  • Automatische öffnende Glastür auf dem Oberdeck
  • Balkon auf Steuerbord Seite Hauptdeck
  • 2 x Waschmaschinen Miele PW 6065 Plus
  • Miele Geräte in der Küche
  • Hand Dusche warm/kalt auf dem Sonnendeck
  • Anker Kette 16 mm /150 Meter
  • Gaggenau Grill auf dem Sonnendeck
  • Williams Tender 505 Dieseljet
  • Dieseltankstelle für Tender in der Garage
  • Frequency Converter 
  • FLIR Nachtsicht Kamera 
  • 2 x SAT Antenne KVH 11 mit Umschaltung und mit Receiver in allen Kabinen.

Bitte fordern Sie die ausführliche Spezifikation der Custom Line Navetta 33 an. 


We provide this yacht listing in good faith, and although we cannot guarantee its accuracy or the condition of the boat. The Italian Yacht Group is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Sieckmann Yachts GmbH. She is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice and does not imply a direct representation of a specific yacht for sale.
  • Yacht Type


  • Brand

    Custom Line

  • Year


  • Hull


  • Days Listed

    49 Days

  • Price


  • Length Overall

    33.00 m / 108.27 ft

  • Beam

    25.2 ft

  • Max Draft

  • Max Speed

    15 kn

  • Cruising Speed

    10 kn

  • Engines

    2 x diesel

Full details

• Make: Custom Line

• Model: Navetta 33

• Condition: Used

• Category: Power

• Construction: Fiberglass

• Boat Hull ID: Navetta33#15

• Has Hull ID: Yes

• Length: 33.00 m / 108.27 ft

• Length Overall: 33.00 m / 108.27 ft

• Beam: 25.2 ft ft

• Make: MAN

• Model: V12 1400

• Drive Type: Direct

• Fuel: diesel

• Engine Power: 1400|horsepower

• Type: Inboard

• Engine Hours: 1800

• Model: V12 1400

• Drive Type: Direct

• Fuel: diesel

• Engine Power: 1400|horsepower

• Type: Inboard

• Engine Hours: 1800

• Total Engine Power: 2800|horsepower


Whilst every care is staken in the preparation of these details their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. They are intended as a guide only and do not part of any contract. A prospective purchaser is advised to check all particulars and have a professional survey of the vessel undertaken on their behalf

Die Firma übernimmt keine Garantie für die genannten Angaben. Es handelt sich nur um ungefähre Angaben und sind kein Gegenstand von einem Vertrag. Jedem Interessenten oder Käufer wird empfohlen alle Extras zu überprüfen und gegebenenfalls einen Gutachter auf eigene Kosten mit der Besichtigung bzw. Abnahme zu beauftragen. 




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