2018 Nordhavn 60








19.05 m / 62.5 ft

2018 NORDHAVN 60 #74


*Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to

displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

1 LOA: 19.05 m (62' 6")

2 LWL: 17.45 m (57' 3")

3 BEAM: 5.49 m (18' 0")

4 DRAFT: 2.02 m (6' 8")


6 WATER CAPACITY (Approx.): 2,271.2 LITERS (600 GALLONS)

7 FUEL CAPACITY (Approx.): 8,517.2 LITERS (2,250 GALLONS)




1 Hull lamination schedule per construction plan

a Vinylester resin used in first laminations

b All exterior gelcoat White Ferro Super Shield on superstructure and Arocoat brand on hull and non-skid

2 Deck lamination schedule per construction plan

3 Core:

a Cabin side (vertical surfaces): Foam Klegcell R75 or equivalent cross-linked foam

b Cabin top and deck (horizontal surfaces): E.G.B. (3.4 - 4.5 kg) (9-12 lbs.) per sq ft Baltek

c Hull interior: solid series of laminates

4 Deck/hull joint:

a Between deck and hull flange: 3M 5200

b Inside of joint: Two (2) layers M & W.R.

c Mechanical fastening: 6.35 mm (1/4") x 20unc stainless steel thru bolt on 15.2 cm (6") centers where

  1. 5 Longitudinal Stringer

a Hull: Six (6) full length port and starboard, engine beds and floor stringers - topside stringers -

longitudinal and vertical

b Deck: per design

6 Interior floors: per design - for salon floor and forward engine room bulkhead structure Nidacore

composite as done on N47

7 Ballast: Lead approx. 9.89 metric tons (21,800 lbs)

8 Gelcoat Colors (standard boat)

a Hull: Arocoat #340 gray

b Deck: Ferro White

c Non-skid: Arocoat - light gray - to match CCP color chart #A139

d Boot-top and flybridge stripes: Arocoat #348 dark blue


1 John Deere #6090AFM85 w/ M2 rating @ 325HP @ 2200rpm

a ZF #ZFW325 3.958:1 reduction transmission

b One (1) x 24 volt 175 amp large case alternator to charge house batteries. One (1) x 24 volt 40 amp

small case alternator to charge starting battery

c SAE "C" pad live PTO on gear box

d Engine instrument panel: deluxe with instrumentation for oil pressure, water temperature, voltage,

revolutions, hour meter, with alarms x two (2), powerview

e Engine control levers Morse model #31001-001 Twin S x two (2)

f Control cables to be Morse 33C Supreme length to suit

g Fernstrum Grid Cooler - model #DD1251W-E1

2 Propeller shaft: 7.6 cm (3") A22HS

a Taper details: standard S.A.E. taper

3 Propeller: 5 bladed bronze, 106.68 cm (42") diameter x 80.01 cm (31.5") pitch

4 Stern tube: FRP

a Bearings: rubber cutlass type at aft end and 1/2 bearing at the forward end

b Stuffing Box: PSS shaft seal with raw water cooling from a dedicated thru hull

5 Fuel filters: Duplex 75-900 - Racor #75-900FGX2 plus engine mounted filter x one (1)

6 Dry Exhaust: 12.7 cm (5") diameter stainless steel

a Flexible section: stainless steel "wrinkle belly"

b In line muffler: Harco model #1648VRS6 in-line. Exhaust cap: stainless steel with slots to deter water

c Exhaust to run to top of stack

d Drain valve at turn of exhaust to drain off water while vessel is unattended

e Exhaust sleeve blower: Dayton 230 volt 50/60 Hz blower #3FRG2 x one (1)

f All components mounted with isolation mounts Per PAE design

7 Heat insulation material: entire exhaust system including inside upper stack wrapped with custom

exhaust blanket

8 Engine cooling system filled with suitable mixture of coolant/antifreeze to insure coolant does not

freeze for winter shipment (see engine manufacturer specifications for proper coolant mixture and type)

9 Engine room floors: Light gray - FRP with non-skid - no wood structure used within engine room

10 Engine room finish: painted light gray and insulated with Technitron or equivalent fire proof foiled and

leaded foam 5.08 cm (2") thick. All exposed insulated surfaces lined with perforated anodized aluminum


11 Engine room blowers - Dayton 230 volt 50/60 Hz exhaust blower #1TDU2 x one (1) - Dayton 230 volt

50/60 Hz intake blower #1TDR1 x one (1)

12 Engine room door and door from lazarette to engine room Diamond Sea Glaze with view port on main

engine room door

13 Stainless steel railing around engine

14 Generator: Northern Lights M844LW3 16 kW @ 50 Hz in sound shield

a Gen-sep exhaust system

b 24 volt start with two (2) "Group 31" batteries

c Centek water lift muffler

15 Side Power bow thruster 15 hp 24 volt 30.5 cm (12") tunnel

a Dual station control - one in pilothouse one on flybridge


1 Kobelt steering system comprised of the following components:

a Steering cylinder with 10" stroke #7050-U10 x two (2)

b Helm pump model #7012-BN Var. Disp. x two (2)

c Header tank with sightglass model #7002-AC x one (1)

d Relief & Bypass valve model #600-400 x one (1)

e Stainless steel tiller arm to suit dual ram installation

2 Hydraulic lines: Hynautic brand/copper tubing

3 Steering wheel: 76.2 cm (30") stainless steel destroyer type for flybridge and pilothouse

4 Emergency tiller: to attach to top of rudder post and stow in lazarette

5 By-pass valve for emergency tiller steering


1 Rudder stock: 6.98 cm (2-3/4") stainless steel

2 Rudder backbone plate: 9.5 mm (3/8") stainless steel with lightening holes sheathed in FRP and foam

per PAE design

3 Bronze rudder carrier shoe on extended keel: cast bronze per design

4 Rudder carrier top: Stainless steel with collar bearing per design

a Collar bearing similar to N47

5 Rubber cutlass bearing at rudder port opening

6 Rudder stock stuffing box: bronze

7 Rudder stock tube: FRP


1 Fuel tanks:

a Number and capacity: Four (4) main tanks totaling 8,517.18 liters (2,250 gallons) with one (1) centerline

aluminum "Day Tank" at 117.3 liters (31 gallons) which will gravity feed from main wing tanks and center


b FRP construction using fire retardant gelcoat on outside of tanks to meet ABYC standards section H-

c Inspection plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Inspection plates to

have label with all information stated in ABYC section H-33.16.3 Each internal baffle with a removable

panel to allow access to entire interior of both fuel tanks

d Fuel system includes an aluminum supply reservoir, which feeds by gravity from four (4) fuel tanks. Top

part of supply reservoir holds approximately 7.57 liters (2 gallons) and fitted with a sight gauge with a 4

liter (1 gallon) range and 0.4 liter (10th gallon) marks for fuel consumption checks (supply lines are

turned off and fuel is consumed from reservoir). Bottom part of reservoir approximately 109.8 liters (29

gallons) fitted with a drain off at the bottom of the reservoir for water purging and with a water sensor -

illuminating a light in wheelhouse if excessive water is present. Reservoir fitted with four draw spigots for

main, generator, wing engine and spare - mounted at lower level of reservoir but above water sensing

e Sight gauges provided for two (2) engine room fuel tanks and vented into main vent system for each

tank per PAE design

f Each tank air tested to 0.28 bar (4 lbs) per sq. inch

g Provide baffles on 61 cm (24") centers with removable panels for access to all areas of tank

h A transfer manifold and Walbro (FRB-16-2) 24 volt fuel pump with timer switch and Racor 900 fuel filter

which can transfer fuel from one tank to another and scrub fuel while transferring. Transfer is also used

to fill top part of supply reservoir for consumption testing when main fuel tank level drops below the level

of the testing part of the reservoir

i System to be built per PAE design

j Tanks filled with 757 liters (200 gallons) diesel before shipment to U.S. for testing system and running

boat from port to port

3 Fuel pipe and hose:

a Supply lines from tanks to supply reservoir are 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and SAE

100R5 reusable Aeroquip fittings

b Fuel line from supply reservoir to main engine filter is 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose

and SAE 100R5 reusable Aeroquip fittings

c Fuel lines from supply reservoir to optional generator and wing engine 1.27 cm (1/2") I.D .with Aeroquip

brand fuel hose and SAE 100R5 reusable Aeroquip fittings

d Vent lines to be fuel certified, reinforced hose 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. Each tank to have two vents, one

forward and one aft

e Return lines 1.27 cm (1/2") I.D. Aeroquip brand with SAE 100R5 reusable Aeroquip fittings

f Fuel fills 5.08 cm (2") I.D. Trident approved fuel hose

g Interior surfaces of tanks vacuumed and wiped down prior to final closure to ensure no contaminates

enter the fuel system from the tanks

h All hardware that comes in contact with fuel bonded into the ships bonding system

2 Water tanks:

a Number and capacity: One (1) baffled tank totaling 2271.25 liters (600 gallons)

b FRP construction using FDA approved gelcoat on inside surfaces per plan

c Inspection plates: appropriately positioned for access

d Each tank air tested: 0.28 bar (4 pounds) per sq. inch

e Wema water tank gauges

f System built per PAE design

g Interior of tanks vacuumed and wiped down prior to final closure

3 Water hoses:

a Cold water: 1.27 cm (1/2") diameter Whale brand tubing system or equivalent with all Whale fittings

b Hot water: 1.27 cm (1/2") diameter Whale tubing with all Whale fittings

c Sea water hoses: Trident reinforced rubber certified for marine use and provided with double stainless

steel clamps below the water line

d Water lines from tank to pump and from pump to accumulator 2.5 cm (1") I.D. reinforced hose suitable

for potable water. All lines after accumulator are 1.27 cm (1/2") I.D. Whale brand

4 Water heater: 151.42 liter (40 gallon) for 230 volt and heat exchanger operation

5 Thru Hulls: bronze body, stainless steel balls and Teflon seats

a Grounding wire: #6 gauge green wire

b Each thru hull to have a clearly visible tag indicating its function

6 Fresh water pressure pump: Head Hunter "Mach 5" #M5 - 230 volt

7 Accumulator tank: One (1) Groco #PST-3

8 Plumbing fixtures:

a Head sink: Sealand #1620 oval, color white

b Galley sink: Kohler K-3351double stainless steel side by side

c Pilot house sink: Scandvik stainless steel #101001-10

d Head faucets: Grohe Europlus chrome

e Galley faucet: Grohe Ladylux chrome

f Guest shower fixtures: Grohe Relaxa chrome handle, mount and soap dish, 61 cm (24") shower bar,

150 cm (59") non-metallic hose, mixer

g Owner's shower/tub fixture: Oval acrylic tub 'seaside white' 152.4 cm x 106.7 cm (60"x 42") with Kohler

pop up drain

h Aft deck console: Grohe Europlus chrome

i Fresh water wash down fittings: Scandvik #11204 stainless steel hose spigot x four (4) (aft deck,

foredeck, engine room and boat deck)

9 Gray water tank:

Galley sink, head sinks, shower sumps and washing machine drain to 416.4 liter (110 gallon) sump tank.

Each drain has an appropriate water trap to control odors. Sump includes Sealand Tank Watch 4 24

volt level indicator and a Sealand T24 waste pump fitted with an 24 volt Ultra Jr. pump switch #WPS-02-

24/32 and auto/manual control panel. Whale/Henderson #BP0527 hand operated diaphragm bilge pump

installed in line with Sealand T24 for manual pumping of gray water tank per PAE design

10 Bilge pumps: per PAE design

a Electric: 24 volt Par 36600 diaphragm with 24 volt Ultraswitch auto switch

b Manual: Edson model #638AL operable from main salon

c High water bilge pump 24 volt Rule 14,006 liters (3700 gallons) per hour (#16A) - mounted in bilge

above normal bilge water height including Ultra Sr. pump switch #WPS-01-24/32 and Ultra bilge alarm


11 Toilets:

a Tecma fresh water flush only 24 volt

b Heads fitted with a Par #45510-1000 Y valve allowing sewage to be pumped overboard or into holding


c Holding tank: FRP

d Holding tank pump: Sealand T-24 24 volt plus Whale/Henderson #BP0527 hand operated diaphragm

pumps installed in-line with each other per PAE design

e Holding tank fitted with a deck pump out

f Sealand Tank Watch 4 monitoring system

12 All hoses throughout boat Trident brand with CE approval - where practical

13 Fresh water wash down at four (4) locations, aft deck, foredeck, engine room and boat deck


1 Electrical panel set consisting of the following:

a AC/DC Electrical distribution panel x one (1)

b Parallel switch for emergency engine/house battery paralleling x one (1)

c Engine and generator battery shut off switch and panel

d Parallel switch for emergency generator/house battery paralleling x one (1)

2 Shore power inlets and AC system per PAE design

a Marinco #6373EL stainless steel 50 amp 3 wire 230 volt AC 50 Hz

b Olsun isolation transformer SGS 12 YY-0-15

c All galley and head outlets run through a GFCI type outlet

3 Battery and DC system per PAE design

a Eight (8) x 255+ AH (8D) Lifeline batteries in series (2 banks of 4) for 24 volt house service (1020 amp

hours) and two (2) additional 4Ds in series for 24 volt engine starting. The engine starting batteries are

isolated from the house batteries, preventing inadvertent discharge of the engine starting batteries. The

main engine has dual alternators: One (1) x 175 amp large case for charging house bank and one (1) x

40 amp for charging engine battery. Parallel switches provide for emergency engine starting

b One (1) x "Group 31" Lifeline battery in pilot house for house 12 volt service - with 70 amp 24/12 voltage


c Each battery secured with stainless steel tie down beams

4 Battery cable: "00" for general battery leads with "0000" for starting and other heavy load items with

longer runs

a Positive lead - red

b Negative lead - black

5 All wiring used throughout boat color coded - all wire supplied by factory to be tinned wire

6 Conduits for future installations

a PVC from stack to pilothouse

b PVC from engine room to pilothouse

c PVC from aft corners of salon overhead to engine room

7 Radio ground plane (optional)

8 Electrolytic control:

a All thru hulls bonded together with a #6 green wire and tied into a copper bonding bar as done on the

N47 and tied into the 24 volt DC ground system (Per PAE electrical schematic drawings)

b All hardware mounted below waterline i.e. stuffing box, stern bearing housing, rudder shoe, rudder

frame, rudder stuffing box grounded into bonding system

c Zinc plates - Three (3) x 6.35 cm x 14.6 cm (2-1/2" x 5-3/4") tied into the bonding system

9 Inverter - 3000 watt / 24V inverter/battery charger included with remote panel at pilothouse

10 TV/phone inlet Marinco #PH6592TV-SS phone wired to pilothouse and owner's cabin. TV wired to salon

TV locker and owner's cabin


1 Galley

a Refrigerator: 30" GE Monogram with icemaker and custom teak doors with locks and 110 volt / 230 volt


b Countertops: granite - from PAE selection

c Flooring: granite tile from PAE selection

d Cabinetry/paneling - teak with satin varnish

e Electric induction hob - Bosch

f Microwave - built-in - Bosch built-in microwave oven - ss

g Oven - electric - Bosch single electric oven - black/ss

h Trash compactor - Broan 15'' Trash Compactor #BRO15BLEXF-INT 120/240v 50/60hz

i Overhead: individual padded Majilite vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro and easily

removable for service of deck hardware and wiring

j Locker interior finish: Formica

k Dishwasher - slimline (45cm) - Bosch

l Granite backsplash - from PAE selection

2 Main Salon

a Extended by 2' - cockpit reduced by 2' - includes one additional window to port and stbd

b Floors: teak

c Cabinetry/paneling: teak with satin varnish

d Dinette table: teak

e Furniture: settee as designed with all detail as shown in layout drawing

f Overhead: individual padded vinyl Majilite panel secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro

g Locker interior finish: Formica

h Cushions with vinyl upholstery

i Teak valance and air con soffits over windows

j "Ekornes" Stressless Consul - teak finish - Batick leather chairs x two (2) - color choice Cream, Brown,

Black, Burgundy, Latte

k Teak and ss bar chairs (movable) x two (2)

3 Master Cabin

a Floors: teak

b Cabinetry/paneling: teak paneling - satin varnished with teak trim

c Overhead: individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro

d Locker interior finish: Formica

e Foam mattress with vinyl upholstery

f All visible hull surfaces within stateroom (not including locker interiors) - to have horizontal teak staving

g Counter tops - teak

4 Heads

a Floors: granite tile from PAE selection

b Countertop: granite - from PAE selection

c Mirrors in front of sink. Opening doors and vanity lights along sides of doors

d Shower pan - white - gelcoated FRP with non-skid including glass shower door in master, shower curtain rod in guest shower.


e Overhead: individual padded Majilite vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro

f Locker interior finish: Formica

g Exhaust blower: 230 volt 50/60 Hz blower #1TDR1 on 30 minute timer

h Stainless steel towel bars

i Head and interior cabinetry teak with satin varnish

j Owner's head shower/tub Kohler #K-1247 "SEASIDE" Bath. White. "Coralais" faucet, #K-7161-AF Clear

flo adjustable pop up drain.

k Door to owner's shower single aluminum/glass.

5 Forepeak

a Painted with gray gelcoat

b Drain to thru-hull through boot top

6 Pilothouse

a Floors: teak

b Cabinetry/joinery work: satin varnished teak

c Countertops and dash panels: black formica

d Overhead: individual padded Majilite vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro

e Table: teak

f Locker interior finish: Formica/painted wood

g Cushions with vinyl upholstery

h Chart light: Imtra "F4" TouchLED, 24 volt

i Teak louvers on tops of console for ventilation of electronics

j Chart drawers under settee

k Stidd helm chair #500N-1X2 "Slimline Admiral"

l Chart table with drawers and storage under

7 Forward Guest Cabin

a Floors: teak

b Cabinetry/paneling: teak paneling - satin varnish with teak trim

c Overhead: individual padded vinyl Majilite panels secured in place with industrial Velcro

d Locker interior finish: Formica

e Mattress: foam with vinyl cover

f Book shelves behind berth

g All visible hull surfaces within stateroom (not including locker interiors) - to have horizontal teak staving

h Counter tops teak

8 Office

a Floors: teak

b Teak desk with drawers

c Swing out stainless steel stool like N47

d Book shelves

e Overhead: individual padded vinyl Majilite panels secured in place with industrial Velcro

f Cabinetry/paneling: teak paneling - satin varnish with teak trim

9 Pilothouse Guest Cabin


a Floors: teak

b Cabinetry/paneling: teak paneling - satin varnish with teak trim

c Overhead: individual padded vinyl Majilite panels secured in place with industrial Velcro

d Mattress: foam with vinyl cover

e Locker interior finish: Formica

10 Laundry Room

a Floor: teak

b Cabinetry/paneling: white Formica paneling with teak trim

c Overhead: individual padded vinyl Majilite panels secured in place with industrial Velcro

d Locker interior finish: Formica

e Washer - Bosch front load washer and Bosch front load dryer - (50 hz) installed in locker with door.

Drain to gray water tank

f Top load freezer - GE model FCM7SKWW .2 cu. m (7.0 cu. ft.) with 110 volt/230 volt converter

11 (7) Kidde - battery operated combination smoke and CO alarms installed in the accomodation areas

(bedrooms, salons, lounges, pilothouse, galley, long hallways)

12 All locker doors to have push button style latches

13 All interior stateroom doors Mobella #3635U hardware like N47

14 All hanging lockers lined with cedar and have 24 volt lights with auto switch

15 All hand rails shown on drawing included


16 a Main overhead lighting throughout: Imtra Ventura PowerLED - SS - warm white - 24 volt with wall

switches for each designated area. (approximately 60)

b Exterior courtesy lights - Imtra "Yukon" LED x fourteen (14)

c Engine room lights: AC fluorescent - four (4) x 24" (61 cm) dual fluorescent (#ILMUL2-24T5HPF1)

switch at entrance to engine room. Two (2) x 24" (61 cm) dual fluorescent (#ILMUL2-24T5HPF1) for

F28 (#IL8040) lights in lazarette

d Exterior dome lights: Imtra "Avalon 155" PowerLED 24 volt. Two (2) on upper aft deck, three (3) over the

cockpit, and two (2) on side deck

e Navigation lights: 24 volt Hella NaviLED Pro (port, starboard, stern, masthead, and anchor)

f Owners cabin reading lights: Imtra Cygnus (double arm) #ILFS31157000.C 24 volt chrome x two (2)

g Courtesy lights: Imtra " Montauk" LED x thirty two (32) 24 volt

h Vanity lights: Imtra "Hatteras" PowerLED with base x four (4) 24 volt ( 2 at owner's sink, 2 at guest sink)

i Two (2) Imtra "Resolux 853" #IL6319 dimmable vanity lights at sides of the OSR head mirrors, 24 volt

j Guest cabin reading lights: Imtra Cygnus (double arm) ILFS31157000.C, 24 volt chrome x two (2)

k Overhead reading lights: Imtra Captiva w/ switch" PowerLED #ILIM31707 x eleven (11) 24 volt

l Deck flood lights: Two (2) Aqua Signal 120 volt / 500w series 1069 mounted on port and starboard stack


m Hanging locker lights: Imtra "Hatteras w/ base" #ILIM31407, x six (6), 24 volt


1 All horizontal surfaces on deck have a diamond pattern non-skid as shown in deck plan. Standard

non-skid is a contrasting color to parameter deck

2 Chocks for mooring lines:

a Transom: stainless steel with attached cleat - recessed x one (1)

b Transom sides: stainless steel with attached cleat - recessed x two (4)

c Amidships: stainless steel with attached cleat - recessed x three (3) - One on port side and two on

starboard side

d Bow: stainless steel with attached cleat x two (2)

e 30.5 cm (12") stainless steel cleat at bow x two (2)

3 Lower and upper rubrails FRP with a stainless steel cap - rub rails integral to hull

4 Ports - Oval 40.6 cm x 17.8 cm (16" x 7") stainless steel ports in hull as shown on design with tempered

glass - all hull ports to include stainless steel deadlights - eight (8) in hull. One (1) 30.5 cm (12") round

port aft in pilot house day head.

5 Galley oval port - 40.6 cm x 17.8 cm (16" x 7") stainless steel (one of eight above)

6 Bow roller: FRP and stainless steel double bow roller with bronze rollers to accommodate a 77 kg (170

lb) plow type anchor on starboard roller and the port roller to be designed for a second light anchor or for

mooring lines. Roller on starboard side slotted for chain and the port roller smooth for line - roller to be

built per PAE design

7 Stainless steel stanchions around foredeck 3.2 cm (1-1/4") diameter. Pulpit 3.2 cm (1-1/4") diameter

8 Maxwell 24 volt VWC 3500 windlass with 1.27 cm (1/2") HT chain wheel, mounted on a molded FRP


a Chain: HT 122 m - 1.27 cm (400' - 1/2") chain

b Maxwell chain stopper mounted on bow roller

c Anchor: 77 kg (170 lb) stainless steel plow type anchor

9 Hatches: Foredeck hatches three (3) Lewmar #Ocean 60 with Lewmar screens. One (1) Freeman

#18HAALR over chain locker. Day head hatch in pilot house Lewmar #Ocean 20 with screen. Optional

skylight hatch in aft side of bridge, over master room vanity Lewmar #Ocean 30 with screen

10 Blower - One (1) Dayton 230 volt 50 Hz blower to provide forced ventilation from inside Portuguese

Bridge to owner's cabin

11 Davit - Steelhead Esprit 680 kg (1500 lb) - full extension to 12' (3.66 cm) - Four function hydraulics

(luffing, winch, telescoping, and rotation) with 24 volt HPU

12 Windshield wipers - Imtra 2-speed 24 volt with auto park #RC524992, #EX2108 pantograph arm x four

(4), with 24 volt window wash system, wiper control panel #EX2160604 for four (4) motors

13 Horn: Kahlenberg D0A double air horn, compressor/tank kit, and 24 volt solenoid valve

14 Aft deck:

a FRP stairway to boat deck with stainless steel hand rail

b FRP console with sink, faucet, drawers and lockers per PAE design

c Hatch to lazarette x two (2) with gas shocks

d Shower Scandvik recessed shower box #10640640

15 Windows and doors:

a Wheel house and salon windows FRP framed with 12 mm tempered glass

b Wheelhouse doors: Diamond Seaglaze - Dutch - four hinged door with upper and lower dogs in addition

to deadbolts and locksets. R250 series - door #9 53.3 cm x 182.88 cm (21" x 72") left and right

c Salon door: Diamond Seaglaze - Dutch - four hinged door with window and double dogs in addition to

deadbolt and lockset. R250 series - door #10 81.28 cm x 185.42 cm (32" x 73")

16 Transom door: open outboard with tabernacle hinge

17 Boat deck - Extended as one piece to the transom - includes 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) diameter boat deck rails

moved aft to fit extended deck

18 Portuguese bridge locker with double doors accessed from inside P/B

19 Four removable "U" shaped stanchions for swim step

20 Stainless steel swim ladder mounted on swim step

21 Stainless step into lazarette

22 Flybridge:

a Engine controls: Morse model #31001-001 Twin S with Morse #33C Supreme cables

b 76.2 cm (30") stainless steel Destroyer type wheel

c Engine control panel, horn switch, windlass control

d Settee with FRP table and white vinyl cushions

e Todd helm chair #1500-01D

f Stainless steel ladder to boat deck

g All rails and venturi as shown on design

23 FRP exhaust stack per PAE design

24 Deck drains: (Per PAE deck plan)

a Foredeck/ anchor well: Two (2) 5.08 cm (2") scupper drains through boot top port & starboard and two

(2) aft at fwd end of P/B to drain through boot top P&S.

Side deck: Three (3) 5.08 cm (2") scupper one aft, one mid and one at the bottom of the stairs to P/B.

Additionally there will be four (4) large 14" x 35.6 cm x 15.2 cm (6") freeing port with flaps to drain large

amounts of water.

c Boat deck: Four (4) total 5.08 cm (2") scupper (2 ea) P&S

d Flybridge: Two (2) total (1 ea) P&S

25 Side deck boarding door two piece. Top to hinge and fold up and over and bottom to open outboard.

Freeman "blind" dog set to secure door

26 All exterior locker doors to use Perko fig.777 flush hatch dogs

27 All exterior door keeps ABI #2039CH

29 Install NORDHAVN 60 name plates from Aritex.

* Specifications are subject to change at the discretion of designers and builders


LAYOUT OF N60 # 74

1 Custom guest room forward. This has twin single guests bunks, one to port and one to stbd with

the guest head and shower moved to the port side. With 4 port lights.

2 Added guest cabin on stbd side to make this a 3 cabin layout like N6069

3 Pilot house, pilot house cabin, head and spiral stairs as on N6069

4 Pilot house cabin wall and settee to be moved fwd 2' to allow a double bunk arrangement in the

cabin with added cabinets

5 Salon stbd side to have settee in lieu of cabinets and chairs - TV lift moved to port side - (E-2-b)



1 Hull: Arocoat #373 bright blue like N6069 (Note: this requires a waiver to be signed - the factory

will not warranty a differently colored hull)

2 Non-skid: Lt. Grey

3 Stripe: Arocoat #354 Grey (like N6069)

4 Bottom paint: Black


1 John Deere 4045TFM85 HE 24V Diesel "Wing Engine" - 100 hp @ 2400 RPM with ZF 631V

2 Upgrade standard generator to M864W3 20kw at 50hz (1500 rpms). Standard gen set is M844L

20kw @60hz (16kw @50hz / 1500 rpms)

3 Additional NL generator 12kw at 60hz (10kw at 50hz) in laz - M843 W3

4 Air-conditioning system - CRUISAIR "Emerald" remote compressor system with Qht controls.

Salon and Galley - 48 BTU compressor / 2x24 BTU air handlers. Pilot house - 30 BTU

compressor / 1x16 BTU and 1x16 BTU air handlers. Master stateroom- 24 BTU compressor /

1x16 BTU and 1x10 BTU air handlers. Guest room - 10 BTU compressor / 1x10 BTU air handler.

Reverse cycle for heating on all. (note: 50hz)

5 Full hydraulic system - including windlass, bow and stern thrusters (rated at 25 hp - anchor wash,

fwd bilge pump sharing one Pacer pump (SE21BLHYC) with Y valve to select and American Bow

Thruster #250 TRAC Digital active fin stabilizers with digital controls at Wheelhouse (9 sq ft fins -

without winglets) . Hydraulic pump on both main and wing engines

6 SEAFIRE FD1300m fire suppression system in engine room

7 SEAFIRE FD1050m fire suppression system in lazarette - pull cable in salon

8 PAE designed oil change system - hard plumbed into the main engine, generator and wing


9 Mathers controls in wheelhouse and flybridge

10 Add aft cockpit control pod - Mather control head, thruster jog lever and windlass control (need

Mathers option above also)

11 Lightning ground system with #2 wire and Forespar wand

12 SSB ground with dyna plate and 3" copper ribbon to pilothouse


1 Electrical 220-240 volt 50hz


1 Village Marine watermaker PW-1200gpd semi-modular unit


a Standard teak interior

b PAE supplied carpeting throughout boat - we need more carpet details and this charge will be in

addition to the contract price..


a GE monogram refrigerator/freezer - ZIC30GNDII with teak door/drawers and handles - std

b Additional under counter Sub-zero 24" refrigerator drawers ID-24R or similar

c Trash compactor - Broan BRO15SSEXF 15" 50/60hz

d Microwave - Bosch 50hz

e All other appliances to be Miele in lieu of standard:

f Oven - Miele H 6460 BP electric convection oven in lieu of standard

g Cooktop - Miele electric KM 5617 in lieu of standard

h Dishwasher - Miele G4760 SCVi 18" integrated in lieu of standard

i Slide out spice rack in galley, port side aft over counter top

j Countertop and backsplash - granite from PAE standard samples

k Granite floor tiles - from PAE standard samples


a Ultra leather fabric on salon and pilothouse settees (single color)

b Aritex TV lift with remote control on to port of port side settee - 44"x 26"x 5.5"

c Delete Ekornes chairs


a Add ventilation hatch in owners cabin

b Standard foam matresses in all cabins


a Countertop and backsplash - granite from PAE standard samples

b Teak and spruce floor in lieu of granite tile


a Bi-fold shower door in guest head shower

b Countertop and backsplash - granite from PAE standard samples

c Teak and spruce floor in lieu of granite tile


a One Ritchie 4.5" compass with Nordhavn logo for pilot house or fly bridge. Does not include

swinging compass

b Standard Stidd helm chair


a Countertop and backsplash - granite from PAE standard samples

b Teak and spruce floor in lieu of granite tile


a Standard layout

b GE chest freezer

c Washer - Miele - model W 5740 in lieu of standard

d Dryer - Miele - model T 8722 in lieu of standard


a Standard


a Extra sound blanket to fit over laz gen set


1 Larger port lights in lieu of standard ports - 2 larger in master stateroom in lieu of 3 std ports

2 Anchoring flopper stopper port side to stow in a horizontal position, includes custom PAE


3 Glendinning shore power cord (65 ft) system at stern - Price includes an FRP enclosure for

housing the Glendinning motor. If an optional cockpit control pod or or settee is purchased, this

Glenndining cost is adjusted to $3,269

4 Spurs line cutter on main shaft

5 Swim step extension

6 FRP hard top/bimini top with SS supports, mounting platform for radar, replaces lower radar

mount, four overhead lights. White with white non skid pattern on top

7 Flybridge console with sink and U-line refer with ice maker at top of stairs

8 Teak deck in cockpit and walkway

9 Rail mounted BBQ - Magma or similar (Port Supply #15972615)

10 Besenzoni hydraulic gangway - Owner supplied - price is for installation and testing only. Owner

would be responsible for all shipping costs to China


1 Second teak handrail in salon overhead

2 Stbd side hand rails on coaming. One from aft teak cap to boarding door and the second from

boarding door forward curved up on coaming

3 Two "L" shaped hand rails on port and stbd stern


1 Alcom Electronics package installed at factory - per bid from Alcom #B33975-A


1 Ultraleather for salon settees - 291-2478 'Diplomat Blue' in contract

2 Ultraleather for pilothouse settee - 291-5763 'Charcoal'

3 Stidd chair - 291-5763 'Charcoal' Ultraleather with black powdercoated base - in contract

4 Overhead in pilothouse (for entire overhead and step up area) - black Majilite (standard

overhead color in pilothouse cabin and head)

5 Granite choice for countertops and floor in galley and countertops in all heads - #11 Emerald

Pearl (from PAE standard samples) - incl

6 Install 1 1/4" ss pipe for flag pole - aft deck behind the davit - PS part #1203322

7 Install Maxwell chain counter in panel in pilothouse only

8 alternative mattresses to be provided by the owner in Turkey

9 Move all pump out gauges and pump controls to ph for grey and black water tanks - port side

over head panel - all the way to port - nc

10 Install Oceanair hatch screens (x5)

11 Install additional ac outlet in ph for a printer (location TBD)

12 2 x ss overhead handrails in salon in lieu of x1 teak (std) - includes cr for std

13 Install lee cloth bunk for child in fwd cabin

14 Install x2 rod holders flush in cockpit - PS 'Heavy Duty series C'

15 Stbd side wing station on Portuguese Bridge

16 Additional electronics from Alcom - including installation - per Alcom quote - B34868


We provide this yacht listing in good faith, and although we cannot guarantee its accuracy or the condition of the boat. The Italian Yacht Group is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by channelR Yacht Sales. She is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice and does not imply a direct representation of a specific yacht for sale.
  • Yacht Type


  • Brand


  • Year


  • Hull


  • Days Listed

    121 Days

  • Price


  • Length Overall

    19.05 m / 62.5 ft

  • Beam

    18 ft

  • Max Draft

    6.67 ft

  • Max Speed

  • Cruising Speed

  • Engines

    2 x diesel

Full details

• Make: Nordhavn

• Model: 60

• Condition: Used

• Category: Power

• Construction: Fiberglass

• Has Hull ID: No

• Length: 19.05 m / 62.5 ft

• Length Overall: 19.05 m / 62.5 ft

• Beam: 18 ft ft

• Make: John Deere

• Model: #6090AFM85

• Fuel: diesel

• Engine Power: 325|horsepower

• Engine Hours: 720

• Model: 045TFM85 HE 24V

• Engine Power: 100|horsepower

• Engine Hours: 315

• Total Engine Power: 425|horsepower

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.



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