February 6th, 2020
Q&A With Justin Blue

Interview with Justin Blue – Meet an IYG Expert
By: Jule Mummert

Get to know more about Italian Yacht Industry expert, Justin Blue, as I ask about this life, what shaped him into the person he is today, and his devotion and passion for yachting and his early life on the sea.

JM: “Why did you join the Italian Yacht Group?”

JB: “IYG had a family atmosphere and a sales approach that matched perfectly with how I like to work with my clients. Also George and I have known each other most of my career and have a great relationship. Now Boomer and I are building on our relationship and make great partners in supporting our clients.”

JM: “What is your professional experience with Italian Yachts. What makes you an expert?”

JB: “I have spent my entire career working with Italian yachts starting as the initial importer / dealer of Ferretti Yachts. Over my 25 years in the yachting business I have built the brands of Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva and Custom Line in the Americas and most recently was running Ferretti Group in the Americas.”

JM: “Why should an Italian yacht buyer, or someone considering an Italian yacht, come to you and the IYG to find the yacht that’s right for them?”

JB: “Between myself, George and Boomer we have effectively brought most of the Italian yachts into the Americas. I have worked with and built many of the top Italian brands and even used to run Ferretti Group here in the Americas so I have a great relationship with all of the shipyards and understand the ins and outs of how the Italians do business. Also having a first hand knowledge of not only the brand but of each individual unit on the water today allows me to provide information to my clients that no other broker can provide.”

JM: “Why should an Italian yacht owner list their yacht for sale with you and the IYG, over other brokerage firms?”

JB: “The IYG and I have the knowledge of the Italian brands that most other brokers and houses just don’t have and we also have relationships with the customers of Italian products here in the Americas making it much easier to find the right buyer much faster and potentially in house.”

JM: “Why should a buyer wishing to build an Italian yacht come to you and the IYG to help in determining the right brand and model of Italian yacht to meet their needs, and trust you to guide them through the design and construction process?”

JB: “Having worked within the Italian shipyards, knowing the people and their ways of business combined with my honest and direct approach will ensure the client to have a smooth and enjoyable experience while making sure to have the right yacht built with all the necessary specifications.”

JM: “As an expert in Italian yachts, what is your method for educating a buyer who may be considering an Italian yacht for the first time?”

JB: “As with any yacht there are many questions I ask my clients in order to understand what will be the best brand and model to fit their needs. It’s a bit of an interview process on both sides in order to really hone in on what will be the best fit. While a yacht may just be a large expensive toy it is a major purchase and taking the time for the right process upfront can help to save a lot of money in the long run that of course can be used toward the future yacht :-).”

JM: “What drew you to this industry, keeps you excited about it, and motivates you as a Sales Broker?”

JB: “I was raised on a sailboat as a child and got my first personal boat when I was 8 years old, so you could say being on the water is in my blood. Helping my clients to find the same enjoyment I have in the sea and in yachting is much more of a pleasure than a job. I guess you could say it’s a bit like paying it forward to see my clients smile as they take delivery of a yacht and build so many memories with family and friends as I have done all of my life.”

JM: “FINAL QUESTION. I understand life on the water began very early for you. Tell us about that and how it has shaped the person you are today?”

JB: “My family left Michigan on a sailboat when I was about 2 years old and we sailed the US east coast, Bahamas and Caribbean before ending up in South Florida where we continued living onboard and cruising until I was 11. Along my life I have always owned a boat and spend much of my free time on or around the water. My childhood was different than most and learned many life lessons at a very young age living at sea. Many of these lessons carry into who I am today, the knowledge I have built up about yachting and my ethics in relationships with people. I don’t always have a lot to say but when I do its meaningful and straight forward.”

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