October 6th, 2022
A Guide to Super Yachting in the Bahamas and Caribbean


When considering winter destinations for your superyacht vacation, you can’t beat the convenience of the Bahamas or the diversity of the Caribbean. Geographically the Bahamas are located in the Atlantic Ocean, creating an archipelago or group of tiny islands. The Caribbean spans over 700 islands and 13 countries. Regardless, both destinations are renowned for luxury vacations and island flavor, making either one the perfect place to winter aboard your superyacht. 




The Bahamas are in season from December through April, but with 340 sunny days per year, it would be tough to go wrong. In the off-season, you might find a rain shower roll through, but blue skies will be on the other side. 


The cays and inlets of the Bahamas are laced with long white beaches that are less common in the Caribbean. Eleuthera offers privacy, quiet cays for surfing or snorkeling, and untouched beauty. Habour Island is known for its quaint New England architecture and pink sand beaches. Just a 5-minute ferry ride apart, both islands offer an abundance of family activities, such as horseback riding on the beach.


If you are looking for nightlife, casinos, and world-renowned resorts, Nassau and Paradise Island offer those amenities and more. New Providence and Paradise Islands are often considered the gateway to the Bahamas. Select from a variety of 5-star restaurants, such as Graycliff Restaurant, or grab a drink at the Monkey Bar. If street food is your flavor, try Arawak Cay for fish fry vendors and local fare. 




Caribbean weather is less consistent than the Bahamas, but the year-round warmer waters appeal to swimmers and divers alike. When considering both island destinations, don’t rush your holiday arrival. Hurricane season runs from June – November. 


The Caribbean offers a more lush and tropical scenery. The dynamic geography offers mountainous islands created by volcanoes, such as Saint Vincent, or low-lying tropical islands, such as the Cayman Islands.


The diversity in Caribbean geography is matched by the diversity in countries, cultures, and cuisine. Cruising the Caribbean makes you central to any island experience you might desire. Spend some quiet time in Pitons Bay, St. Lucia, which lies between Gros Piton and Petit Piton, two volcanic spires. Pitons Bay offers access to world-class hiking and rampant jungle panoramas. 


If you are looking for an idyllic sanding coastline, consider Antigua. With 95 miles of superb coastline, you can enjoy evenings at the open-air bars or check out the scene in St. John’s City. In early March, Antigua will be bustling with an annual regatta. If you appreciate sailing yachts, this race only allows 15 of the best sailing yachts to enter. If you would rather avoid this event, spend the week in St. Barths and then head over to Antigua when the sailing vessels leave for the regatta in St. Barths


You can’t go wrong if you plan to take your super yachts to the Bahamas or the Caribbean this winter. To make this winter vacation the best one yet, determine what island fulfills your vision of a picturesque holiday, find events and activities for you and your guests, and soak up the azure seas and island vistas. 


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